Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A near fatal road incident...feeling lucky to be alive

For the first time in my life, I feel like beating up an elderly. I'm pretty sure he was trying his best to kill us. Hubby and I were on the fast lane with a string of cars in front of us, leaving New Mexico and travelling towards Arizona. As we were passing an RV, the asshole of a driver abruptly swerved into our lane without checking his mirror or blind spot. As if being careless and blind wasn't enough, the guy was deaf enough not to hear us honking persistently. As a result we were pushed off the road onto the center divider, just stopping short of a few feet from the metal divider where we would 100% have been crushed beyond recognition.
Other than hubby's quick reaction there's definitely divine power at work. I've never felt so relieved in my life to have made it unscathed.
Now, as for the RV driver. If you are too old to drive, blind, deaf, don't give a damn regard for human life, or are just a complete asshole, stay the hell away from the road and don't jeopardize the lives of others!!!!You are sick of living, I'm not.

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