Tuesday, January 25, 2011


" 天降大任于斯人也, 必先苦其心志, 劳其筋骨, 饿其体肤, 空乏其身..."


Friday, January 21, 2011

how to screw up a perfectly innocent civilian's computer

How to screw up a perfectly innocent civilian's computer:
Step 1: Offer a new update for windows live.
Step 2: Do not allow sign in if user clicks "no".
Step 3: User clicks yes. Somehow come up with an error message that doesnt allow the download. Point user to troubleshooting page.
Step 4: Advise user to uninstall all windows live programs among 100 other steps, reboot and try to install from windows live website.
Step 5: When user completes every step in troubleshooting guide and tries to install the update, come up with error message "programs can only be installed by administrator" and don't allow installation.
Question: If I'm not the administrator of this computer, who is?

So anyway I'm not on MSN anymore till I have time to reinstall/upgrade the OS, since there's been a host of other problems with the computer.

We're not planning to join the Mac community anytime soon, I guess we'll either have to reinstall Vista - which has proven to be incredibly screwed up, or upgrade to Windows 7.

We've been talking about upgrading to Windows 7 for a while, but I keep hearing this voice over and over again:
"...and it's not going to have any problems our last operating systems had...Trust me." yeah right.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Missing You

I lay awake, my thoughts drifting to you again. Every time you appear in my mind, my thoughts run wild and uncontrollable. I recall you so vividly.I could almost smell you, taste you, feel your every texture. What an indescribable feeling of comfort. The world blacks out and it's always just you and me. Every time I think of you, I search the web for ways to get closer to you. A few times I come close but you were always elusive. It's as if you were punishing me for leaving you behind. I know I will see you again. In my mind I've rehearsed the route to you a hundred times. In my mind I would make my way to the familiar train with my luggage in tow. I imagine myself stopping in the familiar corner with anticipation, my heart beating wildly and my eyes fixated on you. I finally compose myself and say..."auntie, 6 chwee kueh. More chilli."
Oh chwee kueh, you will never know how much I missed you.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Journey to the West

23rd Dec 2010: Our journey to the west coast began on 23rd December 2010. Our movers came around 9am and had everything loaded on the truck by noon. The building slapped us with a "standard" carpet cleaning bill and we said goodbye to our little apartment.
Yayong had a flight to NY and got a twin hotel room where she could put us up for the night before we start driving the next day. We were starving by the time we got to her hotel in Brooklyn. Thank God for the gyros stall outside the hotel and I was grateful to be able to have gyros once more before we depart from NY. It was good and too spicy, just the way I like it.
We found a place on called Traif to have an early Christmas dinner that evening and arrived about 30 minutes late after the confusion with main and service roads, which put us on the Brooklyn bridge and back.

According to our waiter Traif means non-kosher, and their chef has traveled within Asia quite a bit so some of the items on the menu have Asian influence. We started off with a little spicy broth to warm up. Tasted like meesiam gravy but it was nice for a cold night. The menu here features small plates so we ordered some to share. I yelped it. Among the items we ordered our favorite was probably the seared foie with fingerling, ham chips and sunny egg. It was goood~~