Saturday, January 15, 2011

Missing You

I lay awake, my thoughts drifting to you again. Every time you appear in my mind, my thoughts run wild and uncontrollable. I recall you so vividly.I could almost smell you, taste you, feel your every texture. What an indescribable feeling of comfort. The world blacks out and it's always just you and me. Every time I think of you, I search the web for ways to get closer to you. A few times I come close but you were always elusive. It's as if you were punishing me for leaving you behind. I know I will see you again. In my mind I've rehearsed the route to you a hundred times. In my mind I would make my way to the familiar train with my luggage in tow. I imagine myself stopping in the familiar corner with anticipation, my heart beating wildly and my eyes fixated on you. I finally compose myself and say..."auntie, 6 chwee kueh. More chilli."
Oh chwee kueh, you will never know how much I missed you.

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