Friday, January 21, 2011

how to screw up a perfectly innocent civilian's computer

How to screw up a perfectly innocent civilian's computer:
Step 1: Offer a new update for windows live.
Step 2: Do not allow sign in if user clicks "no".
Step 3: User clicks yes. Somehow come up with an error message that doesnt allow the download. Point user to troubleshooting page.
Step 4: Advise user to uninstall all windows live programs among 100 other steps, reboot and try to install from windows live website.
Step 5: When user completes every step in troubleshooting guide and tries to install the update, come up with error message "programs can only be installed by administrator" and don't allow installation.
Question: If I'm not the administrator of this computer, who is?

So anyway I'm not on MSN anymore till I have time to reinstall/upgrade the OS, since there's been a host of other problems with the computer.

We're not planning to join the Mac community anytime soon, I guess we'll either have to reinstall Vista - which has proven to be incredibly screwed up, or upgrade to Windows 7.

We've been talking about upgrading to Windows 7 for a while, but I keep hearing this voice over and over again:
"...and it's not going to have any problems our last operating systems had...Trust me." yeah right.

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