Monday, June 20, 2011

Would I be happier in Singapore?

Just for fun. Sometimes I try to imagine how life would be if I were still in Singapore.

The optimistic view:
I'll be close to friends and family, have access to cheap good food, be there when everyone gets married and have babies,  have access to cheap good food, pay really low tax, and have access to cheap good food.

The pessimistic view:
I'll probably buy a flat that I can't afford, work a job that I don't like to pay for the expensive flat, take the overcrowded train to get to the job, and be angry with Mah Bow Tan and subsequently Khaw Boon Wan.


  1. There are still some flats choice which are within reach of an average working couple. So long as you don't look far beyond location and it's provision.
    Yes, you have access to cheap good food.
    Then again, you are happiest wherever you are so long as it's with your loved one.


  2. That's true...with Lobert I'm happy *mushy*