Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Joyful Pot of Curry

I had a chat with a friend today and was surprised that he wasn't joining in the curry cooking event. He was turned off by the negativity projected by some people who are supporting the event out of their distaste for the folks who caused this hoopla.See original story here, and the clarification here.  I knew exactly what he meant. I have a theory that if you do not cook with love, the food won't taste good, so I never cook when I'm unhappy or angry.

When I logged on to the Cook and Share a Pot of Curry  event page, I saw a lot of joy. There are those who couldn't wait till the 21st and made their pot already, those who are looking forward to tomorrow's big curry cooking event, and the most memorable was the group of Malay ladies crowded around a big bubbling pot of curry - in the office! 

The truth is, Singaporeans are a happy lot when we have food. We love to immerse ourselves in the joy of eating more than anything else. I did my national service too and made a pot of my favorite chicken curry! Unfortunately the Asian supermarkets here don't carry my favorite A1 brand curry mix so I had to use curry powder. Well we make the best of what we have!

What I love about curry is that it makes an excellent freezer meal. Instead of consuming the pot over three days like I always do, I froze some of it for lunch or dinner in the next week or two. 


  1. I totally agree with you, and I applaud your ability to see the optimism in the way people view this event. People are indeed cooking curry, not for the sake of showing distaste for the initial cause, but for the purity of joy and celebration of our multiculturalism. And that was exactly what made me want to cook it overseas too!

    Your curry looks delicious too, by the way. Cheers!

  2. Thank you! I think it's just fun to do something together. Hope you enjoy your pot of curry too ;)

  3. I only cook without anger! Nice pot, freeze it for me to consume this November.

  4. Dude by that time I cook you a new pot lah. Eh wait a minute, you're the chef, you should cook for me! Don't throw the neighbor's beagle in the pot k...