Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On the Yoga Journey Again

So I decided to get back into my yoga routine, and Living Social's $30 for 10 lesson deal definitely encouraged that decision. It's been three weeks since my last lesson and I was all ready to get fit and get rid of some flab.

Once the class started the muscle memory set to work and I was warming up slowly and steadily, managing the poses pretty well. Too tight on the back of my thighs and calf, but that's ok, we all practice at our own pace. Squat pose. I remember what someone said about Asians being able to squat for extended periods of time. It's true, I'm just chilling. 

Going through our vinyasa.  Sweating a little but still doing alright. My toes start to cramp whenever I'm in upward dog but I always manage to flex into a downward dog before they get into a full blown cramp. That'll be quite a sight. 

At some point where we didn't notice,Marlene put the music on. I realize that's her cue for working us to death. We go through a series of sun salutations that seem to get faster and faster, or maybe I'm not catching up. By the third set I'm hating her. By the fifth set I'm quite convinced this woman is trying to kill me. Sweat is dripping down my face and I constantly had to stop to wipe them away. I was having trouble with my downward dog, my eyes were starting to hurt from the pressure and my hands were slipping from the sweat. 

I start to realize how little muscle I have. My legs were like a million tons, I just couldn't lift them. Even the chair pose was getting hard for me. If I had any suspicions before I can now confirm - I am a certified fatty. It was getting hard for me to breathe, and I was getting light headed. The banana and yogurt I had before the lesson didn't help much in giving me energy. My vinyasa was more like stopping, wiping sweat, getting into the pose for a few seconds, stopping to rest and wiping off more sweat. 

We finally got into some seated poses. As I rested my head on my arm while in pigeon pose my hand got wet with all the perspiration from my face. I need an overnight pad to absorb this. Bridge pose. Good I'll just stay in my little bridge. Nope not going to go into the full bridge. That's it for me. A few feet away from my mat, it tickled me to see Marlene go into her bridge against the wall. Hands spread, moving nimbly and long and lean as she is, it reminded me of a lizard climbing the wall. Focus. 

I swear my face became thin after the session. With all the sweat oozing out of my pores I think I can see my chin again. I have a feeling it's going to burn tomorrow, but Ms Fatty Double Chin will be back. oh yeah. 

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