Thursday, September 15, 2011

The One Thing I Don't Do in Yoga...

Warm ups. I don't do warm ups. While everyone around me look like they're gearing up for a marathon, I just sit in lotus and chill. I don't do it because I don't feel that warm ups are necessary. A good yoga teacher will take you through a flow that enables your body to warm up gradually. My teacher today did just that.

Before going to the class today I was a little apprehensive. I never had a male yoga instructor and I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy his class. But that class was really something. I think it might have changed my life. So far I've gone to sessions under three different instructors and they have different styles and strengths. Mark is a little more advanced than the other two, not just in terms of the poses but his class has a faster rhythm, better flow and style.

I saw some pretty gravity defying stuff today, some from Mark, some from the super fit students. At one point I glanced to my right and was like woah! Girl, tell me you didn't just levitate. Pretty amazing stuff going on there today. The entire practice was just exhilarating, it was something that I've never experienced and I ended my practice with a smile. It's no wonder they are not afraid to give promotions like $30 for 10 lessons. They know people will be back for more! I'm only halfway through my package and I feel like I'm hooked. It's probably the first time in my life that I truly enjoy doing something physical.

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