Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Simple Days

As my friend puts it, the best days are often the unplanned ones. On Labor day morning we woke up and decided to go for a run at the beach. I couldn't run on an empty stomach and wanted to make some breakfast. To my surprise Robert said he'll make breakfast. Soon we were enjoying scrambled egg whites, Starbucks instant coffee and our favorite Nutella on wheat toast. I felt blessed eating the breakfast he made. Robert talked about his sailing classes and the conversation drifted to anecdotes of his fencing days.

Before noon we started our run at the beach. The day was cloudy but beautiful and the beach was full of vacationers with all sorts of tents and grills. The run was effortless, we were just enjoying the cool weather and watching beach goers have fun. When we finished our run, we took off our running shoes and walked barefoot along the shoreline, me squealing when the tide brought in the cold water. Surfers tried to catch the next wave and kids were fearlessly frolicking in the chilly water.

Seagulls went about their own business, leaving claw prints in the sand. Not bothered by humans, they seem to know that the beach was their territory. Seagulls remind me of a book I'd read as a child - Mutiny on board HMS Bounty. I wondered if birds ever get bored. They fly, stand around on the beach, look for food; I wonder what goes on in their heads.

As we stepped on the sand I couldn't help noticing the difference between Robert and me. I would look down on the sand and step carefully, ensuring that there were no sharp objects ahead. Robert took each step with ease , hardly looking down. "What if you step on something?" I asked. "Well then I step on something." he replied. This reply is just so like him - a doer, a risk taker. When he has an idea, he doesn't see any obstacles. He just proceeds and deals with the issues later. On the contrary I take calculated moves, and plans carefully to minimize failure. I guess that's how we complement each other. When we take a trip I plan the logistics ahead while he takes us on an adventure once we get there. I'll look up restaurants to go and when we get there, he'll look around to see what other people are ordering. So far it has been a great partnership. He's learned to be more prudent and I've learned to plan less and live more.

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